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The Procurement work for a project is executed by qualified buyers, expeditors and inspectors for general procurement activities.

Our procurement have been carrying out RFQ issuance work, receiving and evaluation estimates, planning management, expediting, inspection, shipping and transportation continuously as well as purchasing work and we are assuring product quality and delivery schedules through our own procurement management process.

Also, we have kept the recommendable vendor lists qualified to execute the specialized in various plants in worldwide. Furthermore, we can receive the most qualified vendor quotation through our purchasing network.


Technical Bid Evaluation & Clarifications by Engineering Department or Client's Request
Client's Review, Comments / Approval for Vendor Prints as Required
Selection of Successful Vendor
Prepare Purchase Order Package and Place Purchase Order (Refer to Detail Procedure)
Expediting Work (Refer to Detail Procedure)
Monitor Sub-orders /Progress Check through Contacts / Visit to Vendor
Inspection Work (Refer to Detail Procedure)
Prepare Inspection and Test Procedure, Hold Pre-inspection Meeting, Coordinate and Schedule for Inspection
Shipping and Transportation


- Gang Way Towers

General Specifications :

Gangway tower is a passageway through which to entre or leave such as one between ship and the pier. The Gangway are designed and built to meet each customer's unique requirements. It will be able to compensate for the relative movements of ship & tide condition.

Characteristics :

Once Gangway is set on deck, it is operated automatically accordingly to varying deck levels. Always maintain comfortable angles of inclination automatically for passenger at varying deck levels. All motion of ladder are smooth and safe due to hydraulic cylinder operations.


Cathodic Protection

We have successfully supplied with cathodic protection system and its technology on harbor, power station, industrial plant, underground pipe line and underwater construction.


Cathodic Protection for Offshore Project


Special Window

We have successfully supplied special window which there are available in all size by high quality in compliance with ISO, BSMA, or JIS STANDARD.
Special Windows such as electrically heated deicing windows, fire retarding windows, etc.
Other non standard types can also be supplied by special requirement.




- Process Reactors such as chemicals and petrochemicals, etc

Reactor for chemicals and petrochemicals, built according to the requirements of our clients. Designed and calculated according to the requisitions and necessities of each user and process. With heating and / or cooling by means of half pipe coil, double jacket, coils (interior and / or exterior) and “dimple jacket”. Advisement about the best solution for agitation equipment needed for each process and product and supply of complete set of agitator if it is necessary.


- Vertical or horizontal
- From 10 liters to 250㎥
- From full vacuum to high pressure and / or high temperature
- Heating or cooling system
- Special internals (integrated tube bundles, distributors, heated baffles, adjustable baffles, etc)
- Instrumentation and control panels supplied if necessary

- Pressure Vessels (or Drums)

Our experienced designers, engineers, and fabricators have designed and manufactured some of the largest and most complex heavy wall vessels in the industry. We can custom design and manufacture vessels for any process.

- Separators
- Oil treaters
- Storage bullets
- Surge vessels
- Slug catchers
- Gas treating towers
- Absorption towers
- Free Water Knockouts
- Scrubbers
- Filters
- Contactors
- Flash tanks


- Heat Exchangers

Thermally and mechanically designs custom ASME heat exchangers. These include Air Cooled & Finned Tube Heat Exchangers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Recuperators and Economizers.

Industry Applications :
- Power generation systems
- Gas turbines
- Petroleum and natural gas production
- Heat treating
- Metals processing
- Chemical Processing
- Caustic & specialty chemical
- Specialty Gasses
- Food & paper
- Rendering plants


- Filter and Separator

The filter separator is used to remove the solid, impurities and steam in the gas and is suitable for various kinds of fuel gas and other non-corrosive gas. It is especially suitable for removing the floating dust and fume of minimal size.
This kind of separa-tor is widely used for removing the lubricating oil in process gas, removing impurities in natural gas pipeline at the upstream of compressor station and pressure-regulating station, and removing alcohol in dehydrated gas, etc.

- Usual types of filter separator
- VS leaf gas-liquid separator
- XFS horizontal cartridge-leaf combined filter separator
- YFS vertical cartridge-leaf combined filter separator
- YGS vertical cartridge-leaf combined filter separator


- UHP Water Jetting

Industrial specification UHP Water Jetting units are designed and certified to undertake industrial market, onshore high and ultra high pressure water jetting applications in non-hazardous area locations around the world and are constructed to allow operation in refinery and petrochemical plant environments, construction and civil engineering sites or nuclear facilities.

Whatever your industrial application the we can be safely used for UHP coating removal and surface preparation, heavy duty internal pipe cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning and water jet abrasive cold cutting of tanks, pipes and decks and other materials. As it is a dust-free technique, it allows other adjacent activities such as painting and lagging to continue, minimises the waste stream created, reduces clean-up time, is not weather dependent and when used in surface preparation operations is proficient at exposing the original profile without further erosion and guarantees the highest level of cleanliness of all surface preparation methods. Ancillary vacuum equipment can be used in conjunction with water jetting technology to contain all washings and contaminants.

- UHP surface preparation of tank externals and pipelines
- Internal cleaning of tubes and pipes
- Heat exchanger internal tube cleaning and shell cleaning
- Ship hull cleaning and coating removal
- Hydro-demolition of concrete materials
- Road retexturing using UHP water


- Piping Component such as welded Pipe, Various




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